Learn to Can and Preserve Your Harvest!


We offer unique classes for both canning food  and cooking classes.  We are also available for private sessions and cooking parties.   Events can be scheduled by email or by calling the farm.  Please call or email for more information.


Do you have a specific item you'd like to can/preserve in a class format?  Click here to to fill out our quick survey and we'll contact you when that class is available.


Class Special!  Want to keep canning at home after the class?  Add our you-pick tomatoes for just $6 for a half bushel (23 lbs) - Based on availability

Canning: Water Bath Basics

Find out how easy canning food can be in this canning 101 workshop!  This class makes an in-season product.  All the ingredients, necessary equipment and jars are provided by the farm.  We use safe canning recipes during a hands-on lesson.  Each participant leaves with knowledge of the canning process and a couple jars of product. Learn how to can food in our kitchen so you can repeat the process at home!

(3 hours) Max class size:  10
Cost: $50

Sign up with a friend! Two people for Only $90


Next Class: 

6pm-8:30 pm - Spaghetti and Pizza Sauce - Registration Closed

Includes everything you need!  Tomotoes, all seasonings food ingredients, mason jars, canning equipment and hands-on instruction.


Canning: Pressure Canning

Does it really matter whether I water bath or pressure cook those vegetables?  Will the pressure cooker blow up in my kitchen??  How do I know it is safe to eat what I make?  This class is for first time pressure canning cooks who want to overcome fear of the “bomb” in the kitchen.  Join us in canning soups and vegetables while learning principles of pressure cooking.  We will provide all you need to learn how to pressure cook safely and send you home with a jar for your pantry. (3-4 hours) max class size: 10


Canning: Jam, Jelly and spreads

Bring your friends and learn how to make fresh jam.   The farm provides all the ingredients and fresh made bread and samples; you bring your friends.  We will learn to make make and preserve jam and enjoy taste testing with refreshments.  (3 hours) max class size: 12


Private Variety Canning

Client provides fresh produce

This class is determined by the needs of the client.  Use one or more recipes for putting up in season vegetables of the clients’ choice.  Canning salsa is a favorite!  Canning pickles is also very popular.  Plan to schedule at least a week in advance to reserve time in the cannery for you and your friends.  (3-5 hours) max class size: 10