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Blue Barn can customize a bar package to fit your budget! 

Options include- host bar (per person), by consumption, pre-purchase and/or cash.  We work with you to find the perfect fit based on your event. 

*There are many drink calculators online but we find on average you want 1 keg per 75 people and bottle of wine per 6 people.  You may want to increase your amount if you have a younger crowd or larger amount of drinkers. 

Host Bar 

What it is: You pay a flat rate, per head, per hour. Also sometimes called "open bar."

Good for: Offering a larger variety of drink options.  Weddings with above average drinkers, younger crowds, etc.  Cost: Averages $15-16/person

Consumption Bar 

What it is: You only pay for what is consumed. Also sometimes called "per drink" pricing.

Good for: Events in which numerous guests are older, pregnant or breastfeeding, non-drinkers, slow drinkers, etc.   Cost: $4-6/drink

Pre-purchase Bar 

What it is: Select your choice of Beer, Wine and/or champagne

Good for: This is a great compromise between Host and Consumption bars.  You select what options you want to offer your guest based on your guest count which allows the cost per drink to be the most cost effective for you.  This is also a great option if you have a set budget and want to have host bar with cash options on specialty drinks    Cost: Averages $1.50-$4/drink

Inquire for a price quote that can work your event! See Keg options below

Cash Bar 

What it is: Option for a limited budget

Good for: Just like it sounds, guest will purchase their own drinks from a nice selection of Beer and wine  Cost: $4-6/drink

House wine $17-20/bottle (750ml)
Sodas $2
Contact us today for our event specialist to create the perfect menu for you! 
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