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Blueberry Jam - 9 oz Jar

Blueberry Jam - 9 oz Jar

One taste of this delicious blueberry jam, and you'll find yourself addicted to it's blueberry goodness.  Think "You're turning violet, Violet" in a Wonka Chocolate Factory-level overpowering love of blueberries.

If you do not recognize obscure Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory quotes, I weep for your incomplete childood. But at least we have jam to console you. Delicious, magnificent blueberry jam made right here on the Blue Berry Farm (and possibly with the help of several Oompa Loompas...)

Best of all, at zero fat grams and just 35 calories a serving you can eat as much you want without turning into a giant blueberry! Win-Win!
  • Details

    Calories - 40g
    Fat - 0g
    Cholesterol - 0g
    Sodium - 0g
    Carbohydrates - 10g
    Fiber - 0g
    Sugar - 9g
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