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Blueberry Salsa - 18 oz Jar

Blueberry Salsa - 18 oz Jar

There's nothing better than farm-fresh salsa... wait, I lied.  There IS - BLUEBERRY farm-fresh salsa!  Give you tastebuds a well-deserved delightful surprise with this unique blend of Blueberries, Onions and Jalapenos.

Each jar is packed with 18oz of goodness, sure to turn your next gathering or dinner party into a conversation starter. "Did you make this salsa yourself? I've never had anything like it before!"

Yes. Yes I did. (Go ahead. We don't mind...)

  • Details

    Calories - 25
    Fat - 0g
    Cholesterol - 0mg
    Sodium - 50mg
    Carbohydrates - 7g
    Fiber - 1g
    Sugar - 5g
    Protein - 0g
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